Monday, July 24, 2017

Eli Leon Estate
Part 2

* The Quilt Sale *

Friday - Sunday    July 28 - 30
10 to 4 each day

5663 Dover Street, Oakland

Thank you to everyone who attended the first sale for
Eli's house contents, it was a huge success.
This weekend we will be offering his massive collection of Anglo-American quilts,
 and many other things hidden away in the attic, basement, etc.

Please note as before we can only allow about 20 people in the house 
when we open. please don't wait on the stairs, keep them clear for 
people exiting with stuff. The quilts range in price from $20 - $300
so there will be quilts for everybody and every budget. Take a look at all
the photos, they'll give you a glimpse of the quality and quantity.
We accept credit cards as a courtesy for any amount over $40, no checks!

Approximately 500 antique & vintage quilts and quilt tops
ranging in age from the 1850's to 1960's
A huge collection of over 100 vintage aprons, mostly 1920's-1950's
100's of vintage snapshots, some Victorian CDV's
lots of antique and vintage fabric, trim, buttons, etc...
lots of early cutter quilts great for patchwork, etc...
Lots of vintage clothes 1930's - 1970's,
much of the earlier clothing needs repair or cleaning
antique & vintage kitchen items,
lots more misc. neat objects,
old tins, mason jars filled with things, old tools,
office and art supplies, old wood crates and boxes,
2 great old string machines, vintage paper cutter, old yardsticks,
tons of old keys, flour sacks, red safety lights, bottles, etc. etc...

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