Thursday, May 25, 2017


Saturday and Sunday
May 27 - 28
12 - 5

3054 Telegraph Avenue

Eclectic mix of useful art materials for many mediums,
100's of sheets of vintage handmade watercolor and art papers
including D'Arches, Fabriano, Rives, hand marbled,
Italian printed, bookbinding, Japanese & Chinese, etc..
lots of nice watercolor sets, Holbein, Winsor & Newton,
boxed pastels, beautiful paint encrusted palette knives and brushes,
and miscellaneous tools from a 92 year old Marin artists estate,
vintage china paints, some clay & pottery tools,
vintage tempera colors, calligraphy inks, pens & nibs,
vintage books, lettering, design, crafts, and antiquarian,
2 vintage small Kingsley Gold Foil Stamping Machines 
with foil and extras in mint condition,
Vintage old stock Christmas tinsel ribbon from the 1950's,
Vintage West German printed crepe paper candy bags,
TONS of Antique tinsel garland,
1950's Dresden type cardboard ornaments,
Victorian paper candy boxes,
Vintage French silk flowers, millinery stamens,
2 french flower making presses with cutters,
Victorian glass & steel cut beads,
porcelain palettes & pestles, antique drafting compasses,
tiny glass perfume vials, antique inkwell with stopper,
large collection of antique prints purchased on the East Coast,
including hundreds of 1860's engravings of animals,
scientific, astronomy, anatomical, flora & fauna, insects, etc..
pages of heraldry crests from 1802,
Indian Toiles by Oberkampf c.1925,
1860's engraved maps of the world,
Viennese Art Deco Design archive prints,
original watercolor studies by Gaston Riviere,
early Victorian marbled endpapers,
lots of Victorian trade cards and die cuts,
darling antique Remington Rand typewriter,
2 rolls of eggshell blue gift wrap or utility paper,
antique photos, 100's of old RP postcards,
antique seed catalogs (fragile but with beautiful artwork),
3 panels of 1930's hand printed Hawaiian? cotton fabric,
antique frames - gilded and plain,
huge unassembled U'do Shoji screen,
lots of miscellaneous and much more....