Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Studio Sale 

3089 Telegraph in Berkeley
(1 block south of Ashby)
Saturday • Sunday • Monday
April 27 • 28 • 29   
10 to 4 each day

An amazing collection of unusual things 
from the estate of an antiques dealer 
in storage for 10 years...

Hundreds of antique textiles and linens,
very old Peruvian fishnet bags,
piles of old ephemera, lovely old beads, 
findings and ornament, paintings, 
frames, prints and all kinds of
beautiful old decorative merchandise...

We hope that the photos posted here give
you an idea of the wide variety 
of merchandise in the studio sale this weekend. 

On Sunday there will be many bins
to rummage through and Monday is 
bargain day! See you there!