Friday, December 12, 2014

Addison Studio Sale
December 13-14-15
10-4 each day

2917 Telegraph Avenue
Berkeley (half a block North of Ashby)

Misc. old hardware, dozens of great old tins,
2 Singer featherweight sewing machines, 
many antique and vintage dolls & toys,
interesting bottles of all sizes and types, vintage game boards,
antique scientific glass and misc. pharmacy,
vintage children's blocks, enamel developing trays,
large glass display domes, antique rubber stamp set in box,
dozens of vintage rulers, yardsticks, folding, etc...,
antique magic lantern slides, early crocks,
many vintage flags, misc. vintage office supplies,
early accountants desk, victorian mirror, 
1920's Chinese mirror, very large water gilded
gallery sized frames, pair of vintage Red work lights,
lots of old glassware, vintage flower frogs, misc. pottery,
tall vintage wire display shelf, old metal thread display cabinet,
early Pepsi crate, other misc. wood crates & boxes,
several leather "Doctors" type bags,
many vintage flower & seed sacks, old tin globe,
2 antique enamel ruffle shades,  girly matches, 
silver plate trophy, vintage enamel ware,
victorian cabinet cards, very large developing frame,
lots of antique &vintage string, twine, thread, etc...,
metal letters and numbers,  skeleton keys,
old padlocks, enamel stamp machine, 
vintage patterns and transfers, old blue canning jars,
wooden hat blocks, and shoe forms, marbled book covers,
old light bulbs, vintage fishing box, boxes of hooks,
fly fishing flies, nice old reel, 2 fishing poles,
lots of vintage costume jewelry 1930'3-1960's,
small bits and pieces to rummage, bakelite gambling chips,
antique & vintage paper ephemera,  vintage x-mas,
old signs, 2 really beautiful smoky mercury mirrors,
enormous ships pulley, 1920's bronze lamp,
early 1800's patent books filled with illustrations,
antique beads, sequins, and stones,
vintage letterpress type, antique paint brushes,
1950's gilded iron dog bed fit for a queen, 
Antique ice cream parlor table and chairs,
and on, and on, and on....